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Month: September 2010


Phil Ivey has quietly managed to shoot past others and reach the top of the standings this year. How this went unnoticed by so many players is up for debate, but he has learnt better than most that any new poker players should spend time practising on video poker in the section at a UK online casino

After dropping $1.19 million just a couple of weeks ago, Ivey bounced back like very, very few in the game could manage.He picked up over $1,660,000 in the past week to push his year-to-date total to $3,801,602 versus Dwan’s $3,753,591.

A majority of Ivey’s winnings come from one other player: Gus Hansen, who handed over a million dollars to the guy nicknamed “The Tiger Woods Of Poker” by people who apparently forgot that Tiger Woods went and slept with a bunch of woe, ruined his marriage and basically has to just quietly try to win back the respect of his fans. Dwan and Hansen both have been bleeding chips and cash left and right over the last few months. Back in April, Dwan was over the $6.6 million mark and has dropped dramatically sense to his current standings. Hansen, while not dropping as precipitously, has lost over two million himself.

This year’s number aside, $19,500,000 in winnings over his online poker career means that Phil Ivey is going to stand tall and proud for some time to come.


Phil Hellmuth is all set to be joined by a new set of poker stars like Phil Ivey after the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame nominees was announced. Considered one of the biggest honors in poker, the next step of the process will now involve the 16 living members of the Hall, as well as a panel of 17 media personnel, getting together to choose the eventual winner.

Created in 1979 by Benny Binion, the exclusive Poker Hall of Fame boasts 38 players and includes such legends of the game as Johnny Moss, Nick the Greek, Wild Bill Hickok, Doyle Brunson, Chip Reese, Stu Unga, and Phil Hellmuth.

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