Phil Ivey is now getting back to his old self after winning more than $1.1 million in this year. After a slow start to 2011 at Full Tilt’s cash tables in which he sunk $793,000 in the red, Phil Ivey has now put himself squarely back in the black once more after a whopping $476,000 winning weekend.

Having overcome an almost $800k downswing, Phil Ivey has now won over $1.1 million since the start of February to show a current profit of $323,309 so far in 2011.

The player contributing the most to Ivey’s comeback this weekend was “kagome kagome,”formely known as “IHateJuice,” who got involved in a mere 311 hands of $3,000/$6,000 limit hold’em against the 8 time WSOP bracelet winner.

Ivey and the German pro “kagome kagome” have been mixing it up at Full Tilt since the beginning of last December with Ivey paying the ultimate tribute to his 21 year-old opponent back in January by typing in the chat box: “I think we both know you are better than me at [limit hold’em].”