Just like the World Poker Tour World Championship main event, attracted several players. On the event’s last day, which is 25th May, Friday, six poker players were in the final table but just 5 of those participants were in

the money.

Of the 20 and few participants who registered in the first and the second day, it stayed only John Juanda, Bill Klein, Daniel Perper, Tom Marchese, Justin Bonomo and Andrew Roblto claim the award and receive the $ 1,308,405 given for the champ. The paid seat’s 5th player succeeded for $ 263,160. On the thirteenth hand, the bubble split when John Juanda kicked out Justin Bonomo, the final table bubble boy.

After a few hands, Bill Klein comes down at the 5th spot after a pre-flop paid by Daniel Perper. Still, Klein is in the amount and received $ 263,160 for the 5th spot. After 3 hands, Daniel Perper deserted the part with $ 394,740 after getting ousted in 4th spot by John Juanda, though he played the game quite well.

The next on the list was John Juanda. For his 3rd spot, he imparted the final table along with $ 526,320, leaving Tom Marchese and Andrew Robl in head’s up. Tom kept his advantage by grabbing the $ 100,000 buy-in Super High Roller. He received $ 1,308,405 and runner up Andrew Robl got $ 822,375.