Although online poker has become powerful regulated sector but it has only limited sectors to grow. With the current regulatory frame, it is very difficult for gambling websites to target Asian customers. In Asia, it is possible to distribute internet poker or gambling only in permitted territories. This attitude discourages the gambling business in Asia.

Here are some laws that prohibiting gambling activities in Asia. The Public Gaming Act, 1867 punishes the people for opening a common gambling poker house. According to this law, it is possible to regulate poker gaming activities in particular state. The ICA act 1872, does not allow gambling activities and wagering around the entire country.

Lotteries Act, 1998 is responsible for regulating lottery activities around the country. According to this act, state government can regulate or prohibit gambling activities according to his wish. If gambling activities are not allowed in a particular state according to the act then particular person can be punished for opening an open gambling house.

All these laws are equally applicable to online poker rooms. Most of the online websites have lottery schemes which are legal in Asia and you can play to check your luck online. There are number of websites selling lottery services in Asia but they are not so popular in Asia as in other countries. This is the reason why Asians are switching for foreign gambling websites instead of their local websites.
Most of the Asian websites are able to offer limited services to their customers.

Gamblers have to play in restricted area only. Sometimes marketers limit their online services to their state players only. There are chances when lottery activities are banned in a particular state. In this situation, you can play online with the websites offering lottery or gambling activities to almost all states. You can also play with foreign websites for taking full advantage of gambling activities.