In the year of 1976 a poker star shining on February 1, he had born at Riverside California however after few of years he moved on to New Jersey Roselle, with his family. With his grandfather he learnt to play five-card stud in the age of 5. This was a major role for him to come in gambling world star. By the 16, age he started playing the poker game for wealth of pool halls in the backrooms. He made a fake recognition card as 18 ages by the name Jerome Graham to get entry in casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey. His nick name was “No Home Jerome.” as he always opts to play poker.

When he turned to 21 he started in the way of winning and all casino staff knew his name as Phil Ivey. Accidently, he had cut his teeth when we were travelling in 2000 for Tunica when he was at age 24. This was a First World Poker Open Annual Jack Binion and in limit tournament of hold’em he won $500 for additional than $53K.

After that we went at Las Vegas and tried in World Series of Poker. In 7- card stud event he came at 12th position and 5th place in a $2K NLHE tournament and made big boom in the $2,500 pot-limit Omaha event. In Atlantic City he won a big tournament he tabled for events in Reno and Los Angeles and made a good place. In 2002, there is no doubt to say him the big poker star. He also played online for “The Big Game” at the Bellagio. He was truly a nice person as he also loves to do charity; he also has his own charities trust such as counting the Ivey Foundation Budding which is named for only his grandfather who is devoted for kid’s projects and homeless organizations of literacy.