EPT London event is finally pulled down to 15 players and O’Dwyer has secured first position in the main event. Chouity finished up at second position with second highest chip count. O’Dwyer finished up as a runner up in EPT London main event 2011. He missed the opportunity of winning the final title with small chip count. Now he has got a chance to improve his image at EPT London main event 2013. At the same time, Chouity is popular for winning the final EPT title 2010. Both players have established good records in their past. We are looking for a deep run from both players in coming future also.

There were other popular faces also but O’Dwyer and Chouity have made the final titles. The competition is really hard and difficult to predict who will make the final title this season. It is quite uncertain who will lead the chip counts till the end of day 4. The event was rewarded with big cash prize and other incentives also. The other players listed in top 15 are Chris Moorman, Visser, and Theo Jorgensen. All players have made good records in their past. The EPT London main event 2013 was truly significant for Theo Jorgensen as he has recently won Triple Crown online.

Theo Jorgensen has also won WSOP bracelet and WP title. At the same time, Chris Moorman was also looking for to make his first EPT title. This is the reason why event was so much significant for Theo Jorgensen and Chris Moorman. We cannot be realistic when it comes to expectations of tomorrow. According to Moorman, he plays only single hand at a time and waits for good things what happens next. He is very much positive about his play and poker skills. According to his statement, we should always try to learn good things from our past mistakes.