The month of April started well for most poker players around the world with the usual big names continuingly making more cash and adding more tiles to their names.

The most successful player so far has got to be Phil Ivey after winning his 9th bracelet in a hotly contested game. Although he was named as the favorite to win the game, he faced stiff completion from all the players including his best friend Daniel Nagreanu.

It was previously highly expected and awaited with huge anticipation that the two buddies would meet at the final table to face of each other. It would have been interesting to witness the dual compete for the AUD $51, 840 which was the tip prize at the $2,200 mixed event. But on Wednesday which was the final day of the world series of poker tables turned for Daniel.

He was unfortunately amongst the day exiting the event as the 4th place. He carried with his a cash prize of AUD $16, 336 at the final table of the event. It was Brandon Wong, another poker pro who eliminate Daniel from the event after a fierce battle at the table. Had Daniel won, this would have been his fifth bracelet in his name. Unfortunately he did not win and his statistics have remained without any major win for about 2yrs in a row now.

Ivey stated his luck early that day entering as the chip lead maintaining his position till the final minute of the event. All through the period of play, Ivey’s focus was on the bracelet and after a fierce and impressive play showcased by his rival Wong, it almost looked unlikely that he would. But he did win eventually as Wong was no match for the poker pro of his caliber.