The name Bryan W. Sailor Roberts was considered as the most personable and capable player probably the best poker player liked by all the known best poker players in the world. He was from the small town called San Angelo in Texas. In his early life he played football and shooting in his school days with success. Texas was the home of two other poker legends Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim. He spent his working days in the Navy at the time of the Korean War. He earned the nickname ‘Sailor’ from there.

During his service life in the Navy, he learned to play poker game as it was the favourite game of them. Somebody hated it and somebody loved the game of poker in the military for its winning and losing chances. But sailor loved the game so much and came out of the service and established him as the full time poker player. As San Angelo was a small town and having less poker players he then moved himself for the big shot poker game and got intimated with the other famous poker player Doyle Brunson. Later on they became the business partners and split their gambling income between them and participated in various poker games in the country.

Before becoming the famous poker player Bryan was the well-known contract bridge player. In the year of 1974 Sailor won his first WSOP title, i.e. bracelet in $5000 Duce for the Seven Drawing event and in 1975 in the main event of WSOP he won the second bracelet and about $210,000. In his life he was caught for some bookmaking operation and spent several years in jail.

The person like Sailor is hard to find as it is told by Brunson. He would loan the player who has lost his game and get him to start again. He participated in every year’s WSOP championship and stood eighth in 1982. But in his early age he passed away after suffering from cirrhosis.