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Month: September 2014

Paul Wasicka – Poker Pro

When you think of an individual, there are plentiful choices for you to take or pick it so. Such a pick can be any choice of game, but the game like a poker is really interesting to be played.

It’s a game played by worldwide yet the professionals are those who are still familiar in this path. They do handle the tricks and also lead the game in a professional path which none can do so. Knowing the poker game is not easy, it’s a handling of cards, but you need to hone the skills to turn specialized.

Many numbers of professional poker players have ditched online roulette and now play the game of the Gods, among such players, Paul J. Wasicka is notable for his poker playing. He is the 2006 WSOP runner up. Paul completed second to the player called as Jamie Gold. However, he won the 2007 NBC. He made the last table and completed in 4th place at WPT $9,900 which is a kind of Hold’em event, and is held at 2007 L.A. Poker Classic. He also completed the money finishes from the other three WPT championship events. By this, he made his earnings to reach $700,000.

Paul J. Wasicka was born in the year 1981 and Kwickfish is the nickname of him. He is a former bartender and a manager for the restaurant too. He started to play the poker game in Denver mainly at the tournaments. Playing on the internet under his nickname Kwickfish, he sharpened his abilities. After that, the player Mike Odehis trained him, then he came into poker circuit and became a runner up at the 2006 WSOP. He just failed getting 12th in final table at 2007 Aussie Millions Event. His overall WSOP and circuit earnings turns to be $6,460,711.

Sami Rustom: A player with many records in a single year

Sami Rustom is a professional poker player from Diamond bar, a famous poker place in California, United States. He has cashed in for twelve times in major events, and his total earning is about $239,329. He made his first record in the main Poker World Series event in the year 2013. Rustom was in second place in chips at the starting of the fifth day and ended the day as a chip leader with 7,005,000 chips to make his way to the sixth day. In the month of July, 2013, he finished at the 39th place at the Hold Them Championship event of the Poker World Series tournament along with a total of $185,000 in cash prizes. He secured 10th place at the Hold Them Championship of the season 8 of the World Poker Tour with a cash prize of $1,600. The event was held on 11th of February, 2010.

On 6th February, 2010 he secured fifth place at the Hold Them event of the season 8 of the World Poker Tour along with a cash prize of $16,490. On 10th of July of the year 2009, he finished at the 30th place in the Stars and Stripes Hold Them Championship event. He won $545 at that event. On 30th June, 2007, he secured 148th place in the 38th Poker World Series and earned $4,731 as a cash prize. He won $16,585 as a cash prize in the 38th World Series of Poker, which was held on 6th of June, 2007 when he finished at 21st place.

He finished 25th at the Holiday Bonus Tournament, which was held on 15th of November, 2005. He won $739 in the 2005 Heavenly Hold Them event when he secured 22nd place at the event. He is one of those players who don’t have major earnings in the poker games, but are famous for many records that they hold.

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