Kathy woo is a poker player from United States. Not much is known about her poker playing abilities. Since young age, she loved playing poker.

Her love for poker made her take up career as a poker player. She plays every poker game strategically with a flexible mindset. Her ability to adapt to different situations in the game in a quick time makes her a demanded player. She has played all types of poker games. Even she has participated in all the varieties of poker games available. She made her mark at the domestic level by playing poker in such a way that she won most of the games.

She is a very dedicated player, as is evident from her statistical data. Her total career earnings is $25767.This is a huge amount and speaks about her caliber. She plays poker in such a way that no other player is able to understand her moves. As a result she ends up winning every game.

She makes her moves in poker in such a way that she gets to learn new tricks every time. She has 1 total casino cashes on her name. She has played at World Series of Poker only. In that she has won only one cash. In the event titled Event 21-No-Limit Hold’Em Poker, she won $25767. She stood 18th.The event was held on June 13, 2008.

Sadly she has no cashes, championships and final table at World Poker Tour. This is because she has no played a single time at this tournament. She didn’t even play European Poker tour. Hence she has zero earnings at this tournament. Along with zero earnings she also does not have any cashes championship, final tables at this tournament. She should start playing at these two events so that she will be recognized as the world’s best poker player.