Debate strategy for Trump and Clinton seem to be in the minds of everyone as the three day debate ensues in a race that is very close and will decide on the fate of the free world ultimately.

The debates and their topics might seem pretty ridiculous, but if it is seen from the point of view of poker strategists such as Daniel Negreanu, he offers insight on how the debates are similar to strategies in poker. As it is in poker, one develops strategies in a debate as per what the opposition is saying or the stance he or she takes up.

This is a similar situation in the presidential debate that is ongoing between Trump and Clinton. Both are trying to exploit the weaknesses of each other as well as to minimize each other’s strengths.

For instance, in Texas Hold’Em, if there are only two players, every player receives two cards in the first betting round. The ante bets cannot be avoided and hence, players need to play hands that they might not be sure of. Hence the underlying math needs to be done to understand which hand you are supposed to play.

Trump would be in a similar situation and it would be tough for him as he is used to debating on a crowded stage. He has attacked opponents well on such platforms. However, in a debate where it is one to one, he cannot be as sure as he might have to field more questions and have to have points to fill more time. You need to have substance in such a situation than merely gimmick or luck. As the debate forum heats up, many are interested to see how the predictions of a poker game player works out and can predict the outcome of the presidential debate sessions.