Dragon’s Tale, the renowned and most popular Bitcoin Casinos around the world has come up with new exotic poker that can be played virtually and with friends too.

The site offers a wide variety of exotic casino games in a 3D virtual world where players will also have the chance to role-play.

In Dragon’s Tale players can go around and find lot games that are casino based and exquisite. These are the games that can be found only in the magnificent virtual world.

Chinese Tea set is one of the casino-based mini-games that are amazing and good for fun loving players. Basically, this is a player Vs player game. Thus, this game can be played with friends and family members. In the game two players stand on opposite each other at the table and give challenges to the opposite player.

Here the player has to pick the ‘hand/tea set’ that has the highest value out of the unfolded players. Player having highest value tea set at the end of the round declared as winner. In this game the ‘hands’ are teas of different color. At first, the player can see the values of their own table of teas and as the game proceeds will be allowed to see others tables of teas as well.

On the turn of first player, the first player can lock a table of teas, this prevents tea being stolen, and it will also restrict reveal of table teas to other players. The player can do this with table that they want to keep.
The Chinese Tea Set game is a variety of Poker that is played in different format, so all that a player has to do in the game is to reduce the opponent’s tea set information-swapping game that is poker-like.

The game can be downloaded and played online.