There were a total of 399 entrants taking part in the 2017 World Series of Poker $3,000 H.O.R.S.E event.

This meant that the prize pool of the event was $1,077,300. The event went on for three days. Mathew Schreiber was the happiest man at the end of the event as he took home the title as well as earned his first gold bracelet of his career with this win. The 34-year-old Mathew also took home the first place prize amount of $256,226.

The best thing about this victory for Mathew Schreiber is that he is not a thorough professional at this game and has learned the game on the fly. He has admitted that he is neither a stud eight-or-better player nor a stud player. He has seen less than 100 hands in these variations before he entered this competition.

Schreiber said that he kind of learned the game on the fly and every day of the event was a learning curve for him.

He felt that day 1 was the biggest learning experience that he got about the game. He was gathering more and more knowledge as the day progressed and all throughout the event. He learned a lot about the studs and how they go. He was able to figure out how the game goes and how it is played and this helped him a lot to win the event at the end.

There were professional greats like Phillip Hui, Brendan Taylor, Shaun Deeb, Tom McCormick, Ryan Hughes, Don Zwein, Tom Koral and many more who took part in this event and also earned money. But, their experience and knowledge were not enough to get the better of Schreiber and to defeat him in the first place. Through this win, Mathew earned 900 POY points as well. Phillip Hui was second with a prize money of $158,361.