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Return Of Summer Series PokerStars NJ

The PokerStars NJ turnout was supported with the comeback of the summer Series. The Summer Series festival has 12 tournaments which took place from 22nd July and continued till 29th July with over $300,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Next week, the highlight of the Summer Series festival will come with $400 Summer Series Main Event that boasts a guaranteed prize worth $80,000.

The first major event was the $15,000 Kick Off which got underway in New Jersey and Nevada on Sunday. There were 130 entrants with 130 re-buys in addition to 68 add-ons to form a $15,015 prize pool with 25 players who cashed for a minimum amount of $180. RomeoJ shipped the tournament after achieving a return of $4,129 as he played for almost 5 ½ hours. Robert Tayor from New Jersey won 4th place in the last week’s event and finished in 7th place this week. Meanwhile, Bobby McLawhorn the winner of last week’s event completed one spot behind in 8th place. EuroScarfz after playing for a few hours outlasted a field with 113 entrants in addition to 48 re-buys to achieve the $10,000 weekly Sunday. There were a total of 20 contestants cashed for $234.

The Weekly Sunday Deepstack event was a grand success which had 210 entrants, 152 add-ons and 197 re-buys to form a huge prize pool worth $25,435 which was over $12,000 guarantee. The $100,000 NLH Sunday was yet another big event at American regulated poker networks online. Michael Haberman Jr.
from New Jersey added to his $1.1 million through online cashes and finished in 3rd place in American regulated online networks. The return of Summer Series event did benefit many poker players as they won a whole lot of money in addition to fame. The events were well organized to ensure that the poker stars play games without any interruptions.

Fedor, Christner Lead To Final Table Event #2 Of Poker Masters

Poker Masters Event #2 of the started on Thursday afternoon with another tournament of $50,000 No-Limit Hold’Em at the ARIA Resort and Casino.

After playing for 10.5 hours, Christian Christner leads the game; he is leading the final table with seven players.

The other who is at the final table is none other than Phil Hellmuth and Steffen Sontheimer and Adrian Mateos, both of them made their second straight final table of Poker Masters. They will be joined by Bryn Kenney, Fedor Holz and Tom Marchese to round out the final seven.

Sontheimer and Mateos can overtake Nick Schulman in the race for first place for The Poker Masters Purple Jacket.

Schulman is sitting at the top of the leader board after winning the Event #1 and the prize amount of $918,000. The Event #2 winner will take the prize of $900,000 even, whereas the players at the final table are guaranteed the prize money of $125,000.

Some players who found their life of tournament short today include Daniel Negreanu, Doug Polk, Scott Seiver and Jason Koon. They all fired two bullets.

Among all Erik Seidel was the one, who battled the longest and when he left the table, he had nothing to show. He reached the final table, but has short stack all through the time. When he lost to Christner, he had less than a small blind and he became the bubble boy.

After Seidel, the next who was ousted was Dan Shak 8th place, but he pocketed $100,000 for a day’s work. He was called with pocket sevens of Holz and moved all-in with pocket ace-five. Later Holz flopped a set; he ended the play for the evening.

The final table of Event #2 will be streamed live on PokerGO on delay of a 30-minute.

Schreiber Wins 2017 WSOP $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Event

There were a total of 399 entrants taking part in the 2017 World Series of Poker $3,000 H.O.R.S.E event.

This meant that the prize pool of the event was $1,077,300. The event went on for three days. Mathew Schreiber was the happiest man at the end of the event as he took home the title as well as earned his first gold bracelet of his career with this win. The 34-year-old Mathew also took home the first place prize amount of $256,226.

The best thing about this victory for Mathew Schreiber is that he is not a thorough professional at this game and has learned the game on the fly. He has admitted that he is neither a stud eight-or-better player nor a stud player. He has seen less than 100 hands in these variations before he entered this competition.

Schreiber said that he kind of learned the game on the fly and every day of the event was a learning curve for him.

He felt that day 1 was the biggest learning experience that he got about the game. He was gathering more and more knowledge as the day progressed and all throughout the event. He learned a lot about the studs and how they go. He was able to figure out how the game goes and how it is played and this helped him a lot to win the event at the end.

There were professional greats like Phillip Hui, Brendan Taylor, Shaun Deeb, Tom McCormick, Ryan Hughes, Don Zwein, Tom Koral and many more who took part in this event and also earned money. But, their experience and knowledge were not enough to get the better of Schreiber and to defeat him in the first place. Through this win, Mathew earned 900 POY points as well. Phillip Hui was second with a prize money of $158,361.

Ivey Get Green Signal From The Supreme Court

The high-stakes baccarat case of poker player Phil Ivey has got the permission of hearing in the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

The court has agreed to hear this famous case.
The case of Ivey goes like this, the player won the prize amount of 7.8 million (British pounds) in August 2012. He won the amount while playing poker at the Crockfords Casino in London. Ivey and his playing partner spot manufacturing defects in the cards that were used for playing the game. They use that form of asymmetries present on the backs of card to get an edge over their competitors.

According to Ivey, he and his partner never touched the cards and thus he thinks he has done no cheating in the game. On the contrary, the casino considers the act a cheating and thus refused to pay the winning amount to him. Casino Crockfords has been successful in keeping its point and not paid the amount to the player.

After finishing the game, Ivey was asked by the casino to leave for home and his amount will soon be credited to his account. The delay is because of formalities. But, he never got that amount. Ivey filed the case in the court against the casino but lost the decision in October 2014. He is 10-time WSOP bracelet winner and player lost his appeal in 2016 November.

The New Jersey native issued a statement Tuesday following the Supreme Court’s decision to hear his case.

Now, the player has filed the case again and has the positive note from the Supreme Court. According to Ivey, the judgment not came in my favor last time was made no sense to me. Everything was in my favor; even the judges did not consider me dishonest. And now I have the permission from the Supreme Court.

WSOP Schedule 2017

Those who have been waiting to hear about the dates of World Series of Poker will be pleased to know that the tournament dates for this year have been announced.

May 30th will see the start of the 48th version of this world famous tournament for poker fans the world over. The starting venue for the event would be at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.

When the dates were released the Executive Director of WSOP wished all the fans and players a happy and successful year to begin. He stated that everyone should enjoy the holiday season and come back fresh for the new tournament in the beginning of summer. The finalized schedule for all the events are still in the making. In general the events would be lined up similar to what was showcased last year.

However, several options would be included to ensure that every category of players and enthusiasts have something to engage in.

This tournament series is known to be the longest running in the world of poker. This time it will continue till July 17th. There would be the famed gold bracelet winning events, cash games, satellites as well as daily DeepStack events and tournaments. These would be held three times every day and would continue for 49 days. The Main Event of WSOP will play on July 17th on the final table that will see nine final contestants. The schedule for this year will include Colossus III, which is known to be the largest live event in poker. It would be hosted on the opening weekend. There would be a three day buy in event of $565 which will be in the form of re-entry of no limit hold’em rounds that will run from June 2nd to June 4th. The first two years of this event have seen as many as 43,987 entries till date.

Dragon’s Tale Offer Exotic Poker

Dragon’s Tale, the renowned and most popular Bitcoin Casinos around the world has come up with new exotic poker that can be played virtually and with friends too.

The site offers a wide variety of exotic casino games in a 3D virtual world where players will also have the chance to role-play.

In Dragon’s Tale players can go around and find lot games that are casino based and exquisite. These are the games that can be found only in the magnificent virtual world.

Chinese Tea set is one of the casino-based mini-games that are amazing and good for fun loving players. Basically, this is a player Vs player game. Thus, this game can be played with friends and family members. In the game two players stand on opposite each other at the table and give challenges to the opposite player.

Here the player has to pick the ‘hand/tea set’ that has the highest value out of the unfolded players. Player having highest value tea set at the end of the round declared as winner. In this game the ‘hands’ are teas of different color. At first, the player can see the values of their own table of teas and as the game proceeds will be allowed to see others tables of teas as well.

On the turn of first player, the first player can lock a table of teas, this prevents tea being stolen, and it will also restrict reveal of table teas to other players. The player can do this with table that they want to keep.
The Chinese Tea Set game is a variety of Poker that is played in different format, so all that a player has to do in the game is to reduce the opponent’s tea set information-swapping game that is poker-like.

The game can be downloaded and played online.

Presidential Debate Akin To Poker

Debate strategy for Trump and Clinton seem to be in the minds of everyone as the three day debate ensues in a race that is very close and will decide on the fate of the free world ultimately.

The debates and their topics might seem pretty ridiculous, but if it is seen from the point of view of poker strategists such as Daniel Negreanu, he offers insight on how the debates are similar to strategies in poker. As it is in poker, one develops strategies in a debate as per what the opposition is saying or the stance he or she takes up.

This is a similar situation in the presidential debate that is ongoing between Trump and Clinton. Both are trying to exploit the weaknesses of each other as well as to minimize each other’s strengths.

For instance, in Texas Hold’Em, if there are only two players, every player receives two cards in the first betting round. The ante bets cannot be avoided and hence, players need to play hands that they might not be sure of. Hence the underlying math needs to be done to understand which hand you are supposed to play.

Trump would be in a similar situation and it would be tough for him as he is used to debating on a crowded stage. He has attacked opponents well on such platforms. However, in a debate where it is one to one, he cannot be as sure as he might have to field more questions and have to have points to fill more time. You need to have substance in such a situation than merely gimmick or luck. As the debate forum heats up, many are interested to see how the predictions of a poker game player works out and can predict the outcome of the presidential debate sessions.

Jeff Kandefer takes lead in Western New York Poker Challenge 2016 Day 1D

The 2nd of the flights for Western New York Poker Challenge 2016 US$ 1000 Main Event drew hundred and forty one entries to Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino later on Saturday.

It bestowed the grand total of entrances up to two-forty-four and assured the US$ 200000 prize kitty would be more than met. By the time fifteen levels of play were through, only thirty players lasted in the carnage, suggesting a total of fifty are now through to Sunday’s second day.

Jim Burkett took hold of the chip lead quite early and seemed to be running away with the day till his hot run cooled off. Still, he got an honorable 324000, but was progressed by two players. Mike “The Mayor” Rellinger changed gears several times successfully on Day 1b on the path to pocketing 332500, and thanks to a dandy set-over-set pot right near the end of play between Jeff Kandefer and “Jersey” Chris Meyers, it was Kandefer who got hold of both Day 1b and the overall lead, ending with a great 425500 stack.

Several local heroes also got huge, including repeated contestant Joseph Elia and 2015 Seneca Fall Poker Classic champion Kurtis Boutelle. Others who did not fare that well as well as fell apart admitted Kristan Mackiewicz, Cameron Bartolotta, Silvio DeRubeis, Jason Stockfish and Nick Walker.
The fifty survivors from both beginning days combined would play with each other for the very 1st time on Day 2, hitting things off at 11 am local time on Sunday in the hunt for a seat at Western New York Poker Challenge Main Event 2016 final table.

Poker television channel bets on digital network first

Digital spreading of content has become quite effective that would-be television channels have began their operation digitally first, expecting to grow into television channels proper, instead of the other way around.

Central has fixed itself
up to be a 24-hour poker channel, but one would require a product such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV to watch it. By beginning in a small way, the firm has been able to develop audience numbers and show itself to the advertisers before it makes a last push to turn into a bona fide television channel.

Clint Stinchcomb, the chief executive officer, who spent over fifteen years working at a cable network prior to founding Poker Central, told that he had been looking to start a network. They were able to come together with the right group of people around 18 months ago, and spent the first 8 or 9 months getting their content together.

The most salient content the channel has done as of now has been Super High Roller Bowl, a US$ 500000 event that Poker Central developed for NBC Sports Network that aired thirteen episodes from July to October.

Super High Roller Cash Game has also been produced by Poker Central that featured salient poker players as well as a US$ 250000 buy-in. The cash game was telecasted live on Twitch earlier in August in an attempt to prove that poker held allure to a millenial audience. The game drew in a strong viewership for a poker channel on Twitch, along with 1.2 million unique viewers as well as 17764 peak concurrent viewers.

Ole Schemion Ties the longest tenure at No.1 and poised to capture it for himself in a week

The list of top poker players are released by the Global Poker Index and the ranking is calculated according to the formula exercised by the USA Today Global Poker Index scoring system where the results of the players achieved over six half year periods are taken for consideration.

The rank shows Dzmitry Urbanovich at the top with 2438.10 points, followed by Connor Drinan with 2165.00 points at the second spot. Nicholas Petrangelo with 2152.17 points came third while Ivan Luca took the fourth place with a tally of 2119.02.

Dzmitry for the fourth consecutive has managed to retain the No.1 spot as there is no movement detected among the top ten players figured in the 2015 Global Poker Index Player of the Year race. There is however some movement down the ranks below and you see Michael Wang climbing to the No.25 place from a distant No.63. This was attributed to the third place finish he achieved at the 2015 PaddyPower Irish Open and the index also included these points.

The overall GPI ranking also experienced a quiet week and only Scott Seiver and Davidi Kitai business spots which saw Kitai climbing to No.2. Similar exchange of ranks was traded by Bryn Kenny and Jason Mercier, which found Kenny occupying the No.6 place.

The most significant news however was related to Ole Schemion, who had kept the top rank for 17 weeks straight, thus coming equal to the record for the longest GPI rankings reign at the top. We had also reported last week that Dan Smith has enjoyed a similar 17-weeks stay from August to December 2014 and Mercier from May to September 2013. This would also mean that Schemion is in a position to capture the No.1 spot for the longest reign for him if he stays at the top for just another week.

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