The high-stakes baccarat case of poker player Phil Ivey has got the permission of hearing in the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

The court has agreed to hear this famous case.
The case of Ivey goes like this, the player won the prize amount of 7.8 million (British pounds) in August 2012. He won the amount while playing poker at the Crockfords Casino in London. Ivey and his playing partner spot manufacturing defects in the cards that were used for playing the game. They use that form of asymmetries present on the backs of card to get an edge over their competitors.

According to Ivey, he and his partner never touched the cards and thus he thinks he has done no cheating in the game. On the contrary, the casino considers the act a cheating and thus refused to pay the winning amount to him. Casino Crockfords has been successful in keeping its point and not paid the amount to the player.

After finishing the game, Ivey was asked by the casino to leave for home and his amount will soon be credited to his account. The delay is because of formalities. But, he never got that amount. Ivey filed the case in the court against the casino but lost the decision in October 2014. He is 10-time WSOP bracelet winner and player lost his appeal in 2016 November.

The New Jersey native issued a statement Tuesday following the Supreme Court’s decision to hear his case.

Now, the player has filed the case again and has the positive note from the Supreme Court. According to Ivey, the judgment not came in my favor last time was made no sense to me. Everything was in my favor; even the judges did not consider me dishonest. And now I have the permission from the Supreme Court.