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Ole Schemion Ties the longest tenure at No.1 and poised to capture it for himself in a week

The list of top poker players are released by the Global Poker Index and the ranking is calculated according to the formula exercised by the USA Today Global Poker Index scoring system where the results of the players achieved over six half year periods are taken for consideration.

The rank shows Dzmitry Urbanovich at the top with 2438.10 points, followed by Connor Drinan with 2165.00 points at the second spot. Nicholas Petrangelo with 2152.17 points came third while Ivan Luca took the fourth place with a tally of 2119.02.

Dzmitry for the fourth consecutive has managed to retain the No.1 spot as there is no movement detected among the top ten players figured in the 2015 Global Poker Index Player of the Year race. There is however some movement down the ranks below and you see Michael Wang climbing to the No.25 place from a distant No.63. This was attributed to the third place finish he achieved at the 2015 PaddyPower Irish Open and the index also included these points.

The overall GPI ranking also experienced a quiet week and only Scott Seiver and Davidi Kitai business spots which saw Kitai climbing to No.2. Similar exchange of ranks was traded by Bryn Kenny and Jason Mercier, which found Kenny occupying the No.6 place.

The most significant news however was related to Ole Schemion, who had kept the top rank for 17 weeks straight, thus coming equal to the record for the longest GPI rankings reign at the top. We had also reported last week that Dan Smith has enjoyed a similar 17-weeks stay from August to December 2014 and Mercier from May to September 2013. This would also mean that Schemion is in a position to capture the No.1 spot for the longest reign for him if he stays at the top for just another week.

Stan Schrier & The Final Table of 2001 WSOP

If you are not witness of the bloom of the poker, you’re likely aware with Stanley Schrier. A senior statesman of the play, Schrier was the man who numerous think to be the best last table in the history of World Series of Poker Main Event. The game history that incorporated Mike Matusow, Carlos Mortensen, and Phil Hellmuth, just to give some examples.

It was 2001, and 613 of the most excellent players on the planet stuffed Horseshoee of Binion in city center Las Vegas. A couple of years earlier, Schrier completing 70 years of his life, decided to sell his auto business which was located in Omaha and migrated to Vegas so that he could play poker. That was the year which denoted the first occasion when he’d ever participated in the WSOP.

As renowned players fails to continue, players, for example, Billy Baxter who was at 37th position with $20,000, Barny Boatman at 33rd with $30,000, Mike Sexton at 29th with $30,000, Allen Cunningham at 27th with $39,960, and also Jim Bechtel at 23rd with $39,960 – Schrier kept on staying. With only 11 contestants remaining, the field could not kept a youthful best in class player, one who is presently a standout amongst the most well known players on the planet.

Schrier as of late disclosed at a poker competition in Omaha that he knew Daniel Negreanu genuine very well. He also added that He believed that he had taken a terrible beat. He recalls when they were blow to 11, at the time of hand-for-hand, Daniel was present at the other table, so he can’t recollect what he left with. It was an incredible ordeal.

Negreanu was the chip pioneer with 12 left and he fell barely introverted of the last table, which notwithstanding the names effectively said integrated future poker author and host Phil Gordon as well as Poker Hall of Fame of 2008 inductee Dewey Tomko.

Vanessa Roussa: most good looking women poker player

She is very sharp player of poker. She is basically from Miami, United states. She is born on 5th Feb 1983.

Her twitter id is a Vanessa Roussa. She is very positive and bright player of poker. She is propitious player. Vanessa is very talented player she knows how to play at very critical situation and she is very quick player. She can play at every situation and won the game. She can won at any condition and Vanessa can turn game at her at any point and situation.

She won $3,541,176 casino in her career till date also she won 5 career titles and 64 career cashes. WSOP, WPT and EPT these are the series which she has played which are the hugest series of poker. She has won total $356,105 casino, 16 cashes and 1 final table n world series of poker. She doesn’t win any bracelet in World Series of poker. She has won $786,086 casino, 7 career cashes and 3 final table in world poker tour. She doesn’t win any championship in world poker tour. She has won $20,024 casino and 1 cashes in European poker tour.

She doesn’t win any ranking and poker player of the year series in her career. She has played last game on 18thoct 2014 which is 2014 World Series of poker. The game type of this series was No-Limit Hold’em total buy-in of this was $1447 total prize pool 328,759 and total participants were 250 he was placed 29th place in this series and $1760 winning in this series. She has played on 3rd May 2009 which European high roller championship event was EPT grand final seasons V total buy-in was $33,446 and total prize pool was $2,641,718 total entries 79 total winning of this series was $962,958 and placed at 1st place.

Kathy Woo: A very Dedicated Player

Kathy woo is a poker player from United States. Not much is known about her poker playing abilities. Since young age, she loved playing poker.

Her love for poker made her take up career as a poker player. She plays every poker game strategically with a flexible mindset. Her ability to adapt to different situations in the game in a quick time makes her a demanded player. She has played all types of poker games. Even she has participated in all the varieties of poker games available. She made her mark at the domestic level by playing poker in such a way that she won most of the games.

She is a very dedicated player, as is evident from her statistical data. Her total career earnings is $25767.This is a huge amount and speaks about her caliber. She plays poker in such a way that no other player is able to understand her moves. As a result she ends up winning every game.

She makes her moves in poker in such a way that she gets to learn new tricks every time. She has 1 total casino cashes on her name. She has played at World Series of Poker only. In that she has won only one cash. In the event titled Event 21-No-Limit Hold’Em Poker, she won $25767. She stood 18th.The event was held on June 13, 2008.

Sadly she has no cashes, championships and final table at World Poker Tour. This is because she has no played a single time at this tournament. She didn’t even play European Poker tour. Hence she has zero earnings at this tournament. Along with zero earnings she also does not have any cashes championship, final tables at this tournament. She should start playing at these two events so that she will be recognized as the world’s best poker player.

Victoria Coren Accomplishments Cement the sister-ship of Poker Internationally

With the prominence of poker today where it has morphed to become a virtual game playable online, women have not shied away from the lucrative tournaments.

One woman who has participated in the poker arenas and emerged a great heroine is Victoria Coren.

Poker enthusiasts would love to share a seat with the player who has played widely in global based events. What catapulted her to the hegemony of revered female players is not a single game but multitudes of accolades and earnings that she has made in the main events. She has played to win the European Poker Tour in 2005 and 2006 in Sanremo and London respectively. The main event that distinguished her behind the corridors of the casino was when she clinched the first prize in the Late Night Poker tournament. A closer look at her magnificent winnings along her career reveals she is among the women who stand as epitomes to novice female players.

In the 2006 EPT, London, she emerged as the winner to garner a prize of £500,000 where he outpaced Emad Tahtouh. Recently in 2011, she placed 2nd after playing in the International Federations of Poker Inaugural (The Table World Championship) where she lost heads-up. This garnered her purse a cool $1,000,000. She did not withdraw from the poker arenas but continued to play at international events, however, nothing sufficed until in 2014 when she played at the EPT again. She participated in the European Poker Tour in San Romeo where she ripped off a fabulous €476,100 to become the only female boasting twin EPT titles hitherto. In the foregoing, she has cemented her reputation, especially as a woman despite there being a paucity of as many female renowned gamblers who have attained global eminence.

Coren was a member of where she played for years on multiple hands and has raked substantial earnings. 2014 hitherto, she had accumulated a total of $2,400,000 from live events only.

Phil Ivey-Poker to have won 10 WSOP

When you are willing to play a game, you need to know the rules and it should also gives you the perfect companion to go on.

Of course a game is also known as a companion too, as it gives you the relaxed condition which you feel to derive so. Poker game is a very professional choice which you can make out, yet the poker professionals dominate the game.

Phil Ivey is a poker who plays the poker game and has won the bracelets 10 times and also the WPT title once too. The poker has the nicknames as The Tiger Woods of Poker, No Home Jerome, as well as The Phenom. Poker now resides at Nevada. Being an American poker, Phil is considered and also observed by number of players for being the best player in the universe. Also, the poker started playing and started learning this poker game during 1990’s, along with his colleagues in a firm of telemarketing. It was by the year 2002; he turned to possess the bracelets 3 in numbers, where nickname Phenom is given to him.

Young player to win 10 WSOP:

It was a record to be stated as the poker has earned the bracelets 3 in numbers in the very same year 2002. Also, this poker is the very first player to have defeated Amarillo Slim in a heads-up battle by the year 2000. By 2009, the poker achieved winning the event to catch the 6th bracelet after defeating 147 contestants. Also he is now aged to be 38, yet he is considered as the very youngest player to have won the bracelets 10 in numbers. His most victories are from non-Holdem kind of events. He achieved the poker bracelets in 2000, 3 in 2002, 2005, 2 in 2009, 2010, 2013A and in 2014.

Sam Farha – Player who Makes Games Interesting

He is a player who likes to play the game of poker with great motivation and start playing the game. He is a player whose age is 55. He is a player who likes to play the game for long time. He has an amount of $2,884,603 on his name in world’s series of poker tournament.

It is total winning amount of Sam. when he starts playing the game it is really watching game for all the fans. There are lots of players who like to watch the game when he starts playing the game.

He is not a player who has not played nor has not titles in the game of poker tournament in European poker games. He is player who has no good score in the game of poker. If we take look at the world series of poker tournament we can see that he has no titles and ranking in the game of poker game. He has 11 cashes on his name. He has 2 bracelets on his name in the game of poker in international poker tournament.

He is also has good ranking in the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who has good rank in the game of world poker game. If we look at the carrier watch he is the player who likes to make the game more interesting for the game. IF we take look at the other records that are not good enough in the poker game. He is a player who even likes to play the game online and increase amount of cashes by playing. He is good observer of other player. When he was interviewed he told that life is a process of improvement and learning new skills so he strives hard to learn and implement in the game of poker.

Mike Matusow-Poker possesses 4 bracelets

When you think of a game, you need to play it in order to entertain you, whereby you can gain the pleasure and also the fame too, whereby you will gain the satisfaction and also the peaceful mind too. When you think in such choices, you can never forget the playing of poker, as the game is played from the day it was started until now. Professionals can handle the poker uniquely whereby Mike Matusow is one such who holds 4 bracelets.
Mike Matusow is a player from America, who was born in 1968. The player is called by his other name simply, which is The Mouth in fact referred as his nickname too, for his kind of trash talking at the main event or at the final table. He just miscalculates the cards or judges wrongly and it would take too much of time to end the play, which may take really few hours to end the game. Hence the player is knowable as Mike Matusow Meltdown. The player had started playing the game in 1990’s; the player started the game as a card dealer, then he professionally turned as the professional poker player.
As a card dealer initially:
The player holds 4 bracelets WSOP, which he gained the art of playing by playing the video type of poker in a casino named as Maxim casino, when he was aged 18. The player was being taught the game by a rounder named as Steve Samaroff, and thus the game is known by him. The player is known for his winning of the bracelets in these following years 1999, 2002, 08 and in 2013 too. The player is yet to mark his victory in WPT as well as in EPT. He earned the last bracelet by giving a defeat to Matthew.

Paul Wasicka – Poker Pro

When you think of an individual, there are plentiful choices for you to take or pick it so. Such a pick can be any choice of game, but the game like a poker is really interesting to be played.

It’s a game played by worldwide yet the professionals are those who are still familiar in this path. They do handle the tricks and also lead the game in a professional path which none can do so. Knowing the poker game is not easy, it’s a handling of cards, but you need to hone the skills to turn specialized.

Many numbers of professional poker players have ditched online roulette and now play the game of the Gods, among such players, Paul J. Wasicka is notable for his poker playing. He is the 2006 WSOP runner up. Paul completed second to the player called as Jamie Gold. However, he won the 2007 NBC. He made the last table and completed in 4th place at WPT $9,900 which is a kind of Hold’em event, and is held at 2007 L.A. Poker Classic. He also completed the money finishes from the other three WPT championship events. By this, he made his earnings to reach $700,000.

Paul J. Wasicka was born in the year 1981 and Kwickfish is the nickname of him. He is a former bartender and a manager for the restaurant too. He started to play the poker game in Denver mainly at the tournaments. Playing on the internet under his nickname Kwickfish, he sharpened his abilities. After that, the player Mike Odehis trained him, then he came into poker circuit and became a runner up at the 2006 WSOP. He just failed getting 12th in final table at 2007 Aussie Millions Event. His overall WSOP and circuit earnings turns to be $6,460,711.

Sami Rustom: A player with many records in a single year

Sami Rustom is a professional poker player from Diamond bar, a famous poker place in California, United States. He has cashed in for twelve times in major events, and his total earning is about $239,329. He made his first record in the main Poker World Series event in the year 2013. Rustom was in second place in chips at the starting of the fifth day and ended the day as a chip leader with 7,005,000 chips to make his way to the sixth day. In the month of July, 2013, he finished at the 39th place at the Hold Them Championship event of the Poker World Series tournament along with a total of $185,000 in cash prizes. He secured 10th place at the Hold Them Championship of the season 8 of the World Poker Tour with a cash prize of $1,600. The event was held on 11th of February, 2010.

On 6th February, 2010 he secured fifth place at the Hold Them event of the season 8 of the World Poker Tour along with a cash prize of $16,490. On 10th of July of the year 2009, he finished at the 30th place in the Stars and Stripes Hold Them Championship event. He won $545 at that event. On 30th June, 2007, he secured 148th place in the 38th Poker World Series and earned $4,731 as a cash prize. He won $16,585 as a cash prize in the 38th World Series of Poker, which was held on 6th of June, 2007 when he finished at 21st place.

He finished 25th at the Holiday Bonus Tournament, which was held on 15th of November, 2005. He won $739 in the 2005 Heavenly Hold Them event when he secured 22nd place at the event. He is one of those players who don’t have major earnings in the poker games, but are famous for many records that they hold.

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