Digital spreading of content has become quite effective that would-be television channels have began their operation digitally first, expecting to grow into television channels proper, instead of the other way around.

Central has fixed itself
up to be a 24-hour poker channel, but one would require a product such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV to watch it. By beginning in a small way, the firm has been able to develop audience numbers and show itself to the advertisers before it makes a last push to turn into a bona fide television channel.

Clint Stinchcomb, the chief executive officer, who spent over fifteen years working at a cable network prior to founding Poker Central, told that he had been looking to start a network. They were able to come together with the right group of people around 18 months ago, and spent the first 8 or 9 months getting their content together.

The most salient content the channel has done as of now has been Super High Roller Bowl, a US$ 500000 event that Poker Central developed for NBC Sports Network that aired thirteen episodes from July to October.

Super High Roller Cash Game has also been produced by Poker Central that featured salient poker players as well as a US$ 250000 buy-in. The cash game was telecasted live on Twitch earlier in August in an attempt to prove that poker held allure to a millenial audience. The game drew in a strong viewership for a poker channel on Twitch, along with 1.2 million unique viewers as well as 17764 peak concurrent viewers.