In a great news for the world of Poker, the NBA which is the governing body of Basketball in the USA has signed an agreement of betting with the Stars Group and this agreement states that the deal is for more than one year and the Stars Group is the authorized gaming operator for the basketball council.

This is first of such a partnership and the officials have lauded the efforts of the Stars Group to bring Poker to the forefront and they have called this deal ‘exciting’ and ‘productive’. They have also mentioned that this is one way to tap the engagement of fans from both the sports and also feature the official logos of both on everything that is a product of both the sports. It can also help use the fan base of the Stars Group which is located around the world, and thus can make NBA more popular.

But the press release does not still reveal that the Stars Group will be the only partner for the NBA. There could be another one, but one will have to wait until the news of the same is out. The other side of the partnership mentions that the Stars Group will get a special feature in all of NBA’s media which include the website, the channels on the Internet and the television channels as well. It also includes mentions and posts on the social media accounts of the NBA. If the Stars have the name put on all of the official outlets of NBA, it can be a massive boost to their popularity and can relax their efforts on marketing to a large extent. The official of the Stars Group has said that they are excited to partner with the basketball council and they would love to continue with their current US strategy.